Patricia Karsay ~ Special Projects & Interests
Objectives: I am specifically interested in leveraging my marketing and event planning skill set to help promote non-profit initiatives in the cultural, visual and/or performing arts, community development, sustainable tourism, human rights and/or global health fields. Video Production/Editing & Photography

I am experienced with traditional and digital SLR photography, B&W printing technologies and have officially photographed weddings, portraits, events, performances and archaeological objects for academic presentation and publication. I am also currently developing strong video production and editing skills.

March 2011: Translated and subtitled "El Rap del Condon", a video produced by Luces Escondidas and Proyecto Payaso.

May 2010: Edited performance video for theater competition entry

February 2010: Produced and edited a video message on Good Global Citizenship that was featured on

Academic Research, Archaeology & Graphic Design

September 2010-present: Currently volunteering Web/graphic design and marketing communications for Proyecto Payaso, a non-profit organization in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I actively research and pursue grant awards and fundraising opportunities and in April 2011, I helped them win a grant in the Heart and Soul Grant Award competition sponsored by Community TechKnowledge. I recently designed a 28-page promotional calendar in Spanish and also a promotional poster and flyers for METOCA, Teatro del Oprimido, creating versions in 4 languages including a translation from Spanish to English. Click here to view my print portfolio.

July 2010: Indexed and categorized a library of 1,700+ archaeology and art history publications for The Institute of Aegean Prehistory (INSTAP), Philadelpia, PA

October 2009: Designed two internal communications print brochures for Intel Ireland, Leixlip, Kildare

April 2008: Photographed high-profile Minoan and Near Eastern objects from two permanent exhibits at the British Museum, London for academic presentation.

2004-2005: Digitally reconstructed Minoan frescoes from Kea, Greece for archaeological publication

2002: Created and designed comparative data tables for archaeological publication, Aegean Bronze Age Rhyta, by Robert B. Koehl, 2006

1998, 1999, 2000: Spent three consecutive study seasons on Paros in the Cyclades, Greece. Participated in reconstruction, restoration, cataloging, object drawing and photography assignments. In 2000, was charged with directing two students in finalizing cataloguing and photographing discrete deposits of pottery.
2008: Created and edited a video message in iMovie and iDVD for MoldMaking Technology's 10th Anniversary used as part of a booth display at the MoldMaking Exposition & Conference 2008

2007: Wrote and directed a corporate video message for Plastics Technology used in a promotion campaign to solicit advertising from a highly-targeted market segment.