Beauty Face Bad, Poros Good 4

I can almost hear it say “How dare you. How dare you use me for something so pedestrian, you…you neophyte. Don’t you know I have mirrors and advanced optics and sensors and that I am built to help you control perspective and light and now you’re holding me above your head like I’m a … phone??”

Kefalonian meat pie, savory and sweet pie 4

Can’t help it, every time I see “Kefalonian meat pie” on a menu or chalkboard, I just start singing that meat pie song from Sweeney Todd (which I had the horrific misfortune of seeing without knowing what it was about…nightmares for a week!) These island delicacies, which as far as I know are […]

I am in the sea, very cool, very free 2

Drove through a pedestrian zone full of shaking fists so he could show me the main drag in the small town, drove by Manolis Taverna (best meat!) and the supermarket (there’s a psychopath don’t go there!) and then we stopped at their hotel to meet Voula.

To Do: Learn Greek, Move Here

Okay, I’m just going to have to suck it up and learn this language. I mean, I AM going to live here one day, so I better start cracking. I wonder if I can learn an entire language with a different alphabet by November 9th?

2016: A Greek Odyssey 2

As much as I would love to wander in at 5pm (10am NYC time) after a day of sailing, drinking, swimming and eating, the 49 year old me is a little more responsible than let’s say the 48 year old me would have been.

Giddyup Stanley, It’s Time to Go 12

There are few things that excite me more than free wine and wifi in the sky.  Well maybe a few things, but not many.  I remember the first (and only) time I made a phone call from a plane…it was equally exhilarating and so very very Jetsons and I’m sure it was already old technology […]

I like Snoopy and baby volcanoes

I didn’t have that much on my list of things to do in Colombia besides the usual short vacation things like hike, swim, speak Spanish with locals, read, eat lots of spicy food, buy coffee, buy hot sauce, and jump into a volcano. Trust me, that’s not even close to […]


No, it’s not the name of some Wayuu warrior prince. Or a jungle city in Colombia. I am still laughing over a conversation I had with my mom. I was so happy and excited to bring her back something she actually wanted (Colombian coffee, yay!), that I sent her an […]