My Golden Jubilee 2

I absolutely love the word “jubilee”, and “Golden Jubilee” just sounds much more festive than boring old “50th birthday”.  And because ages that end in “0” or “5” just tend to be more significant than ages that end in “3”, and because for some reason these milestones take centerstage in our lives as we approach them…I hereby declare 2017 as the year of my Golden Jubilee! I know, I know, birthdays aren’t really considered jubilees, but who you gonna tell?  The jubilee police? My jubilee will be an international celebration with travel events last-minutely scheduled every month to celebrate the anniversary of my birth and the completion of 50 years of existence, and my uncanny ability to consistently pose for pictures the same way I did from the time I could hold my own head up.  I am hoping to travel somewhere I haven’t been every month this year to commemorate the impending arrival of my AARP discounts. (I will shamelessly use any excuse to travel excessively, won’t I?)  And I know I technically should have started this in June last year, but my friend Marilyn didn’t help inspire this brilliant idea until early December.  I did go to a bunch of new places in September, October and November, does that count?

Standing close to the edge of my 40s at the Cliffs of Moher

January was Cuba (stay tuned for pics and posts) and I’m on a bus back from February in Quebec City right now.  March is Mexico City and I have to start thinking about April and May.  Suggestions welcome!  El Salvador, Panama and Belize are a must this year, they are the only countries I haven’t visited in Central America and I really need to keep practicing my Spanish so I can get ready for my Diamond Jubilee…[Apparently I just stopped writing on that overnight bus back in February.]

So as you can see, I started this post four months ago and now it’s June, my actual birth month, and I can’t believe I have managed to keep it up so far, even though I haven’t written squat about it!  April was very close to going to the Noguchi Museum or Shelter Island, but managed to get a last minute trip to Ireland organized at the end of the month, phew.  So now I’m in El Salvador, trying to catch up on posting about the past 5 months o’ travel so the next few posts are going to be completely out of order.  Since I don’t have the rest of my Quebec City or Cuba or Mexico City pics with me, I think it might be better to just post backwards.  And no I don’t mean type with my computer behind me.  I’m 49.9 for goodness sake!

It’s raining like a mofo here so I think I’ll get my first backwards post up from San Salvador in the a.m.

Practicing my Golden Jubilee moves. Photos by the very talented Leanne Young.

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