El preterito, el preterito, el preterito…y trabajo. 22

I had an incredibly busy day today.  School en la mañana (and I got in a little bit of trouble because I didn´t do mi tarea).  I misunderstood Miriam when she said to make flashcards to study the present tense…piensé que era opcional.  I did study, but not with flashcards. I also put together a calendar layout in caveman español para los payasos.  I wasn´t really in trouble.  She´s really sweet and very patient.  It´s really funny, we start out with conversations before verb drills and exercises and today she started talking about men again.  Hysterical…same problems everywhere!  I also read a Spanish newspaper with her and I understood so much, and I really do understand almost everything she says to me.  Sin embargo, it is possible that she may be speaking to me like I´m a toddler.

Marta Luisa en el mercado. Not the best pic of the bunch, but the only one I could get to upload!!

After school, I ran home for lunch…panqueques para desayuno y pollo con arroz y verduras para almuerzo…then I had to run to El Infinito to pick up a program for the clowns, but it wasn´t downloaded yet, then I ran to work, FINISHED SELECTING PICTURES, HOORAY, then had to run back to El Infinito to pick up the download, then I ran here to post, which I´m going to wrap up in a few minutes so I can run home to eat la cena con mi familia guatemalteca.  Estoy muy cansada. And after dinner, tengo que hacer mi tarea!

The weather was a little better today, only a spot downpour in the middle of the afternoon, but it did rain all night.  I´ll have more time tomorrow to post about some of what´s going on here.

Hope you´re all well…hasta luego

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22 thoughts on “El preterito, el preterito, el preterito…y trabajo.

  • Jerry Gallagher

    Disfrutar de la lectura de sus aventuras diarias. También me llamó la post sobre el sexto grado. Me hizo reír y sonreír de los recuerdos maravillosos que he crecido con usted. Sea seguro. Love Ya Bebé

    • Tricia Post author

      ¡Yo también! Muchas gracias por leer mi blog. Tengo muchos recuerdos fantásticos de nuestra niñez demasiado y estoy muy feliz de que estamos en contacto. Abrazos y besos a ti y tu familia.

  • Tammy Frangella

    Amiga – u running everywhere!!! Of course u r cansada. lol
    Love il preterito nice word! love the google translate!! lol
    can we c your caveman clown calendar?? cheeeee?????
    I do hope this rain stops for a bit – don’t like the landslides possibilitas! hope ur dinner was yummy !! a dmanana xo

    • Tricia Post author

      This was stuck in my spam folder for some reason…yes el preterito is a nice word, but I hated it today!

      Will post more on the calendar over the weekend when I have more time to upload pics…computers are really slow here!

      lotsa love xoxo

      • Little Miss Giggles :P

        Hey i wanted 2 ask u what is the time difference? 😛

        P.S. did u read my 1st comment i starts out like “He my thi thi!!! I looked on google 4 your name, how to say it in spanish, i got nothin!!! ”

        It said (Your comment is awaiting moderation) so when ever u get a chance let me know… u r famouse every 1 wants 2 talk 2 u ……………. i wonder if tht has anything 2 do with u in a different country? hee hee 😛

        • Tricia Post author

          Hey honey, I just got all your comments. During the day I can´t really check my email all that much because I have five hours of classes in the a.m.

          We´re two hours behind you. Also in order to control what gets posted on here, I look at comments and approve them. Sometimes I can do it on my little Charm, but this week I´ve been running around alot. Also, just want to make sure comments are rated G (or no higher than PG-13). Keepin´ it clean…

          And you´re right, I´m sure I´ll just go back to being plain ol´ Tricia when I get back home!


  • Sandra Matos

    Wow! Usted esta una nina ocupada en Guatemala. Suena como usted aquí. Me encanta como suena cuando se habla de la escuela. Keep being safe. Keep having fun. Pero, sobre todo, hacer la tarea!

  • Little Miss Giggles :P

    He my thi thi!!! I looked on google 4 your name, how to say it in spanish, i got nothin!!! Any hoo when i looked up “how do you say tricia in spanish” a thing came up n said take spanish classes with tricia in NYC i thought that wuz so funny!!! I would love <3 2 b thier with u right now!! ohhhhhh i love ur new word fantastico!! Love it hee hee i didnt get 2 chat with u 🙁 well i am a suscriber YEAH!!! Mama looks like she can cook, u have a spanish mama, n in panera sean has his ama n she is spanish n she can cook!!! ahhhhhhh sigh…….. Miss u lots, asspesialy on the phone!!!! <3 <3 < 3 <3 <3 TTYS

    I want 2 b on of those kids tht ur teachin 🙂

    Love u

    mini me me

    • Tricia Post author

      Hola mi sobrina linda!

      That is so funny…can you imagine me giving Spanish classes? I wonder if that comes up because of my blog. I would love for you to be with me right now, but probably not here. There´s too much unrest and I would be worried about you all the time. The one thing I wish you could see is GORDO! I´m going to post a picture today just for you, mini meme, little miss giggles. He is so so so so cute. I love him…he looks a little like Houmas (who doesn´t?) and he is so playful and cuddly. Yes, my mama can cook and you would love the food, lotsa rice and beans, yum yum yum. Glad you´re getting some Spanish cooking from Panera mama too. I miss you so so so so so much, especially our phone calls. I am going to have to try and call you through the computer one of these days just to hear your voice. I knew I saved those voicemails for something!

      Lotsa lotsa lotsa love,
      Titi Tricia

    • Tricia Post author

      Yes, this camera is FANTASTICO…thank you, it is a beautiful little passage next to the park and has nice restaurants inside where you can sit and eat under that gorgeous ceiling…