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who has parallel time?

If there were some way that at least three mes could coexist simultaenously, I would be infinitely happy. Or if someone brilliant and time-obsessed found a way to expand one day into four and one place into five, I would be equally grateful.  Until then, I'll just look for new and exciting ways to contribute to as many diverse and interesting projects I can fit in a linear lifetime.

About ten years ago I began self-training in basic HTML Web design. What started as on-the-side, freelance Web design for Irish bars and restaurants in New York City, quickly diverged and set me on a path I'm both surprised and delighted to be on.  Web development?  Open source technologies? I'm still shocked I know what PHP means.  Learning a whole lot in a short time through practical implementation and focused training has been so thrilling and satisfying on its own merit, but has also helped me:

  • understand and apply design fundamentals and techniques.
  • gain proficiency in new Web practices and technologies.
  • implement mobile and responsive design.
  • develop sophisticated e-commerce solutions using content management systems and open source software.

a little info

My professional background is primarily in B2B publishing, specifically marketing communications for the plastics and mold manufacturing industries. I am the digital media manager for a content development agency in New Jersey, concentrating mostly on Web design and development projects for industrial technology companies.

However, in my ever-dwindling free linear time, I continue to contract Web and multimedia projects for artists, archaeologists, bars and restaurants, musicians, actors, academics, videographers, retail companies.  My most recent freelance projects include an e-commerce site for a wholesale manufacturer of women's knitwear based in Bali, an academic center in the Bronx and non-profit health and human rights group in Guatemala.  I'm also an experienced photographer with strong video production and editing skills.  

Click here for more information on recent freelance projects, check out my LinkedIn profile, or contact me with your project details so we can chat about your objectives.